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                                 July 25, 2020: WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION

 Updates are happening WEEKLY.  800,000+ people have visited and 1000's more are rolling in.. so we decided to do a complete overhaul.
First time in a decade!  Thanks for the interest... and your patience. :)
COVID-19 Update coming in August


collage fan lady booth resized

Welcome to!

International Christian Tennis Association, established in 1999, represents membership from 2500+ cities in 80+ nations.

People from all major religions have joined. All are welcome! Membership is free. JOIN now!

For 2 decades ICTA global membership has gathered to assist and motivate change in partnership with organizations & individuals, while bringing people groups together to make the world better, happier, safer.


collage nasa 21 day usa tour website

collage ana scotty nasa 21 day tourSUMMER 2021 USA Leadership Adventure Tour

21 days! 33 attractions! 6 states!

Teens from 15+ nations have attended. 

NASA, Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, World of Coke, Georgia Aquarium, White House, Lincoln Memorial, all Smithsonian Museums, BBQ cookouts Coach Scotty's horse ranch, tennis, MUCH MORE. INFO

Ask about our Grand Canyon adventure!

Ask about our Ecuador Adventure... Galapegos Islands, Amazon jungle!

CHURCH youth groups welcomed! International youth groups welcomed! 

Nasa Atlantis Group Jamad washington dc Capital ana


Welcomana scott airplanee! 

My name is Scott Paschal. You can call me Coach Scotty. I am the President of International Christian Tennis Association, ICTA. Contact form

God bless you! Thank you for visiting.

I LOVE this photo collage (right) of my incredible wife, Ana. We've been an incredible team nearly 15 years  I have been blessed to marry my best friend.

I established ICTA 20+ years ago in 1999, Wow, time passes quickly!scott ana collage

At 29 years of age my original dream was to share my faith in Jesus, globally, using my sport of tennis as the vehicle. God planted a very clear and powerful vision in my mind. 

I'd never used the internet! I'd never been to a seminary! I did not even own a computer! I was living in Steamboat Springs, Colorado and working at the Tennis Center at Steamboat for an amazing Tennis Director named Jim Swiggart.

Then, God reached out to me and my life has forever changed. I've focused on improving myself and sharing Jesus worldwide ever since. My failures and successes have created me into a strong and focused person who always strives to improve my life and the lives of others. I always want to be a better person than the day before.

I am now 52 years of age now, and ICTA has grown far, far past my early hopes!

Your visit today is truly appreciated. Be sure to sign up for your free ICTA membership! Enjoy exploring This website is just a very brief sample of what we do. We simply have little time for updates. In fact... Jan-March 2020 is our first major update here in nearly a decade! 

Enjoy looking through this website, and our Facebook & Twitter. I generally post a lot on Twitter! It's my mainly anonymous place where I journal by saving photos & updates so I can print it all into a book for my kids! 

Call or write, anytime! 386 338 5524. Or... Contact form

You are loved!

Coach Scotty


FREE ICTA 2020-2021 Membership

Signup today for your free ICTA Membership. Join people from 2500+ cities in over 80 nations. EVERYONE is welcomed to become an ICTA member! All races, all religions, all cultures!

Your membership allows ICTA to have a more influential voice goibally in tennis! THANK YOU for your support!

* Required

( ) - ext.

Sony Ericcsson Open Weekend

This photo is from the ICTA vendor's booth at the Miami Open, the world's 5th largest pro tennis tournaments. ICTA began attending in 2003.

Global Tennis Membership

Tennis fans from 2500+ cities in 80+ countries have joined ICTA's free membership. Everyone and anyone from all nations, cultures, religions is welcome to join!  Each member adds strength to ICTA's ability to reach the global tennis industry. Join today!

Social Media has gained over 800,000 visitors, globally.  Coach Scotty's Twitter has 600,000+ Tweet impressions, yearly.  ICTA Facebook has 13,000+ followers.

ATP/WTA Tournament Outreach

ICTA provides large-scale mult-iweek outreaches to famous professional tennis events. Our vendor booths offering Bibles, videos, tracks, & more have been offered free to over 1,800,000 tennis fans.  Additionally, ICTA provide volunteers to tournament for staffing needs.

ICTA is recognized as the first organization in history to provide large-scale Christian outreach to world famous pro tennis tournaments,  


booth Feb 2006






lodge scotty ana collage


2020 Announcement 

Coach Scotty has built a new Lodge in Florida for his family as he grows his mini-horse & Angus farm into a ranch and into a Pastors' retreat.

Select visitors and guests are welcome to come enjoy ranch work... bulding fences, taking care of horses, building furniture, and more!  For more info:


About Coach Scotty's new Lodge and Pastors' Retreat...lodge collage desparato

In November 2015 our Coach Scotty decided to take a 2 year break from public life. He had big dreams and plans he wanted to organize and make happen.

Worldwide bucket-list adventure tours, USA leadership tours, writing a book, and much more. 

Coach Scotty had dreamed for years to build a horse and cattle ranch, and to build a big farmhouse Lodge for his family and guests.

After 30+ years coaching tennis and 20 years in public ministry he chose to follow and create those dream into reality!

Coach Scotty gathered together investors in November 2015, developed a multi-phase growth plan, and did what he does best... BUILD!

Whether it's a world class tennis player from a beginner, a global membership of Christians in tennis from ZERO, or a 5500'+, or an Angus and horse ranch... Coach Scotty knows how to build.

The Lodge is built! The horse ranch is built! The global adventure tours are built! The USA leadership tours are built! And, he is learning how to write a book from one of the most successful Christian authors in the world! 

He and his amazing wife, Ana, WELCOME guests from around the WORLD.

People from over 40 nations representing every major religion have come to visit Coach Scotty!

Pastors, foreign exchange students, tennis players, famous Christian music artists and speakers, leaders from all walks of life, family, friends, university tennis coaches, cattle ranchers, horse trainers.. and so, so much MORE! 

The white stallion in the collage is Silver Desparato. He is in the Hall of Fame and is also sire to the world's most famous miniature horse.

Call or text Coach Scotty... 386 338 5524, or contact him on Twitter @christiantennis, or email..!


lodge collage







Coach Scotty's Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy: Alumni 2020 


Dear Parent,mark scotty

Hello! This is Coach Scotty. :) I want to introduce you to my former full-time tennis academy student, Mark!

To give you an idea of what it would be like for your junior tennis player teen to come train with us... read on!

I am a devoted, long-term coach. I care. I care very much about the health, saefty, and futures of my athletes.

Mark is the USA medical doctor in the photo to the right. The lower photo is also Mark at 15 years of age. Mark and I were enjoying ice cream with my tennis academy students at a famous professional tennis tournament in USA.

Mark is from Mexico. He came to my international tennis academy as a 15 year old beginner tennis player.

Mark's parents were busy Christian missionaries in Mexico. His mother was worried about Mark living in Mexico because Mark was beginning to learn bad habits from his friends. Mom was worried about Mark's future.

Mom believed that Mark coming to my tennis academy fulltime could be positive for Mark's life and future.

I met them both at my awesome exhibitor's booth at the world's 5th largest pro tennis event, THE SONY OPEN, where my missions team (my tennis academy students) gave away 1000s of Christian books, Bibles, stickers, tracks, etc to the over 250,000 fans worldwide in attendance.

After meeting Mark I agreed to accept Mark into my full-time tennis academy. The kid had great potential and he had good parents. I believed we would all have potential to be a very good team.

I'd like to share with you Mark's journey from being a shy 15 year old beginner-ish tennis player from Mexico to becoming a Medical Doctor in the USA who will be able to earn $600,000US, yearly.

Mark attended a USA university on a tennis scholarship. Mark was then accepted into the USA's largest medical school. Mark now works at the #1 hospital in America. How did I develop Mark to have such GREAT success? Read on..




Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy 



This is Coach Scotty. Welcome to one of the most special and important aspects of my life!

Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy is my personal discipleship ministry where I invest my time and talents into the next generation. This is such special and important work.

Proven, world class tennis training that's produced not only #1 ranked junior tennis players for 22 nations (#1 B18 Greece, #1 B18 USA, #1 B18 Ukraine, #1 B16 & #1 B18 Bulgaria, #1 G18 Ukraine, #1 B18 Bahamas, etc)... but, has also built amazing platforms for these national and world class athletes to have real success in life as adults.

I don't coach for a job. I don't need a job.scotty ana damo grace red van

I coach because see the incredible, exciting IMPACT I've been able to have on teens for the past 30+ years as I build them into Champions on and off the tennis court.

I've coached kids... who have had kids... who have had kids! I'm 52 years of age. I began coaching at 18.

Kids I coached when I was 18 are now Grandparents! That is an amazing thought to me. Is a humbling thought, too.

(Photo: See those two kids behind my wife, Ana, and me? They are siblings from Fiji. 14 and 19yrs. Their parents are business partners with me! I help people build international companies.

I've coached these two for years. Am building them both into medical doctors. We will build together a global medical missions organization they will lead.

Click here to learn how I build platforms for kids to become medical doctors. These two siblings will become my 5th and 6th!)

My focus age group is generally 14-20 yrs. Interestingly, I've been coaching this age group since I was IN this age group!

Coaches and parents tend to call me the “teen whisperer”, which I find super funny.

Before I write more I want to let you know that my focus is not on your money. Mom and Dad... I don't do what I do for money. I don't need your money. In fact, I've given at least $725,000 in scholarships & sponsorships since 1999.

You need help financially? Talk to me. I care.

Click for Tennis Academy.




travel collage photo only

Ultimate Impact Adventure Tours

Ultimate Impact Adventure Tours sends teens and young adults on bucket-list leadership adventures to among the most famous destinations in the world for developing confidence, teamwork, and cultural awareness.

To book a tour for your school or church... call or text 386 338 5524.

Aussie Machu AdHow did this program begin?

For over 20 years Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy has sent teams of our junior and professional tennis players to compete in International Tennis Federation professional tournaments worldwide.

Many of these tennis teams were sent as a Christian mission outreach team to positively impact the lives of players and coaches from around the world who come to these pro tennis events. 1000's of players, coaches, parents from over 100 nations were reached and impacted by Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy travel teams.

Coach Scotty discovered his athletes became more focused and more mature from these cultural adventure experiences.

They became better tennis students, better Christians, better team members. He saw his players' lives positively impacted. He then worked to develop stronger and stronger teams, and sent them on over 2,000,000 miles of trips.


During this time Coach Scotty decided to develop a separate non-tennis program that focused completely on the development of the athlete. By taking away the pressure of competition & outreach the teen/young adult is able to focus on recreation, teamwork, cultural awareness, faith, and confidence building.



Ultimate Impact International Adventure Tours has sent teens/young adults from many nations worldwide on amazing and exciting Christian leadership adventures. There has never been an accident or injury. All details are pre-planned, organized, and we've done many times before. The finest, most effective leadership adventure tours for teens in the world.


Laura pyramids aussie great wall AdDestinations...












Machu Picchu

Galapegos Islands

Great Wall of China


Some amazing bucket-list experiences...

Walk on the Great Wall of China

Hike Peru's Machu Picchu

Swim with seat turtles in Galapegos Islands

Climb waterfalls in Ecuador's Amazon rain forest.

Explore the Grand Canyon

Travel the Outback in Australia.

Tour a family coffee farm in Colombia

Visit the White House, Congress, and Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC.

Spend a day at Disneyworld in Florida

Explore NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.

Paraglide near Shell, Ecuador (Nate Saint's home-End of Spear)

Eat authentic Chinese food then explore China's Forbidden City

Visit Old City in Jerusalem, Israel

Much more... click here



Welcome New ICTA Members


  • Jason, Georgia, Teacher
  • Ajai, India, ATP Pro Player
  • Kyle J, Illinois, College Tennis
  • Aaron, Kentucky, ATP Chair Umpire
  • Gerard L, South Carolina, Preacher
  • Maris G, Latvia, Engineer
  • Toyloria H, Texas, Student
  • Steppie W, Alabama, Hotel Management
  • Cindy V, Philippines, Missionary
  • Sambo O, Kenya, Business
  • Jacob S, Zambia, Tennis Coach
  • James W, Texas, Retired Pro
  • Akheem A, Pakistan, Engineer
  • Kieth M, Ohio, Pastor
  • Maria B, Texas, Tennis Fan
  • Richard , Germany, ATP Pro Player
  • Phellem M, Tanzania, Marketing
  • Strelize B, California, Missionary
  • John F, Tennessee, Tennis Pro
  • Lawrence I, Nigeria, Administration
  • Ron, New York, NFL Receiver
  • Ron B, Ohio, GE Executive
  • Chrystal V, New Jersey, Attorney
  • Sharon P, India, Student
  • Dr. Kirk H, Indiana, Optometrist
  • Ron B, Ohio, Golf Course Owner
  • Iqbal H, Kuwait, Military
  • Todd E, China, Missionary
  • Ellen M, Alabama, Housewife
  • Johnson A, Nigeria, Tour Operator
  • Ron R, Ohio, School Administrator
  • Ailen B, Argentina, Student
  • Ruth S, St. Charles, Accountant
  • Jan K, Wisconsin, Retired Nurse
  • Dan H, Indiana, Pastor
  • Tayfun M, Turkey, Tennis Trainer
  • Gary H, West Virginia, Tennis Pro
  • Troy F, Tennessee, Mortgage VP
  • Shanardo S, Jamaica, College Tennis
  • Armando S, Philippines, Pastor
  • Toby K, Illinois, Principle
  • Tammy B, West Virginia, Physician
  • Rev. Dr. Steven W, Ohio, Pastor & Univ. Professor
  • Jeanne M,  Arizona, Tennis Pro
  • Thomas J, Ohio, Pastor
  • Dennis N, California, Printer
  • Felix G, Ohio, Pastor
  • Alex M, Texas, Teaching Pro
  • Shruti , India, ATP Pro Player
  • Jonathan W, Georgia, College Coach
  • James R, Ohio, Athletic Trainer
  • Dick L, Canada, Retired
  • Dr. Paul E, Ohio, Physician
  • Araotanlaye A, Nigeria, Comp Research
  • Stephen P, Kentucky, UPS Pilot
  • Chanel B, South Africa, Student
  • Ronald M, Ohio, Veterinarian
  • Dawne S, Ohio, Pastor
  • Ernestina C, Nigeria, Student
  • Thomas C, Pennsylvania, Student
  • Robyn U, Ohio, Accountant
  • Madison S, Kentucky, Tennis Pro
  • Vienna D, Singapore, Student
  • Bart M, Ohio, Youth Pastor
  • Maria S, Michigan, Finance
  • Mathew T, Michigan, Student
  • David C, Florida, College Tennis
  • George T, New York, Tennis Pro
  • Wesley D, Kentucky, Dentist
  • Regina M, Ohio, Psychologist
  • Lai A, Philippines, College Student
  • Jeff D, Virginia, Youth Pastor
  • Kevin C, Kentucky, College Coach
  • Adriene C, Oregon, Student
  • Layne M, Nevada, Sales
  • Tom H, Ohio, Pastor
  • Koffi S, Ivory Coast, Student
  • Amy B, Tennessee, Paralegal
  • Claudia D, Illinois, Preschool Teacher
  • Olga A, Florida, Receptionist
  • Caron S, Ohio, Pharmacist
  • Dr. Clifford N, South Carolina, Physician
  • Sharlene L, Kentucky, Law Professor
  • Mitchell E, Texas, Tennis Director
  • Josheb P, New York, Student
  • Aimee P, Pennsylvania, Tennis Pro
  • Skylet S, Florida, Office
  • Aneel K, Pakistan, Journalist
  • Ryan B, Philippines, Architect
  • Albert, Ghana, ATP Pro Player
  • Delancey S, Kentucky, Student
  • Darrin B, California, Bookkeeper
  • Traci S, Ohio, Teacher
  • Maureen E, Jamaica, Student
  • David B, Indiana, Sales
  • Kieth B, Illinois, Computer Networking
  • Brad G, Michigan, College Tennis
  • Alexanda C, United Kingdom, Lab Manager
  • David R, Oklahoma, Computer
  • Michael, P, Nebraska, Student
  • Masthari P, India, CBN TV
  • John N, Pennsylvania, Tennis Pro
  • Adam, California, ATP Pro Player
  • Kimberly D, Nevada, Realtor
  • Dax W, Alabama, Sports Ministry
  • Kristy S, Ohio, Tennis Pro
  • Charles O, England, Pastor
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