Much of this website hadnt been updated in years! Yet 750,000 have visited, and 1000s keep rolling in weekly, so we've decided to update. Thanks for the interest... and your patience. :)


2018 Announcement  

Our Coach Scotty, Founder of ICTA, has built a new Lodge in Florida for his family as he grows his mini-horse & Angus farm into a ranch.

Select visitors and guests are welcome to come enjoy ranch work and play!  For more info:

Coach Scotty founded ICTA in 1999. ICTA has gathered membership in over 3000 cities in 80 nations. Join today!


Coach Scotty had dreamed for years to build a horse and cattle ranch. After 30+ years coaching tennis and 20 years in45811957_681868722196815_6304466662825394176_n public ministry he chose to follow that dream! Coach Scotty gathered together investors in 2015, developed a multi-phase growth plan, and did what he does best... BUILD! Whether it's a world class tennis player from a beginner, a global membership of Christians in tennis from ZERO, or a 5500'+ Lodge and a ranch... Coach Scotty knows how to build.

He and his amazing wife, Ana, WELCOME guests from around the WORLD. People from over 40 nations have come to visit Coach Scotty! Pastors, foreign exhange students, tennis players, famous Christian music artists and speakers, leaders from all walks of life, family, friends, university tennis coaches, cattle ranchers, horse trainers.. and so, so much MORE!  Call or text Coach Scotty... 386 338 5524, or contact him on Twitter @christiantennis, or email..!






Coach Scotty's Adventure Tours

Peru, USA, Israel, Egypt, China, Ecuador, Ukraine, Rome, Colombia, Australia

Ride a camel at the Egyptian pyramids. Sleep in a 100+ year old treehouse in Ecuador at the farm of the family that grows the world's48032081_343970276436135_4954117365731164160_n finest and most expensvie cocoa beans. Walk on the Great Wall of China. Hike Peru's Machu Picchu. Climb waterfalls in Ecuador's Amazon rainforest. Travel the Outback in Australia. Sound exciting! Haha.... IT IS!!

Coach Scotty has sent his national and world class junior and pro tennis players to pro tennis tournaments for almost 20 years. He KNOWS travel.  Each trip combines adventure and missions outreach for an awesome experience. 

Tour a family coffee farm in Colombia. Visit the White House Congress, and Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC. Spend a day at Disneyworld followed by a day visiting NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. Paraglide near Shell, Ecuador. Eat authentic chinese food then explore China's Forbidden City.

These are each ADVENTURES that Coach Scotty has sent his players to ENJOY as he grows and expands their confidence, worldviews, cross-cultural awareness, teamwork, faith.

Any other locations, you ask!!??? HAHA. YES. :)

Visit Old City in Jerusalem, Israel. Snorkel in the Red Sea in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt. Attend a Chris Tomlin concert in Florida. Mountain bike down Cotopaxi... the largest active volcano in Ecuador. Snap photos in the Collosseum in Rome. 

You beginning to see the OPPORTUNITIES!!?? Good!

For more info:, 386 338 5524


Pro Tennis Travel Teams

Over 1,000,000 miles of worldwide travel directly related to ICTA Pro Team travel to International Tennis Federation (ITF) professional tennis tournaments.

On-site at the ITF pro tournaments ICTA Pro Teams have helped worldclass junior and pro athletes from 70+ nations. 46075126_519672255168284_8235185012203323392_n

Friendships with players, coaches, tournament staff, and fans developed some of ehich had lasted over a decade and still going strong.

Competed in over 500 main draw ITF pro matches and 100s of Qualifier matches.


International Christian Tennis Association, founded in 1999, impacts the world through programs designed to provide effective outreach and discipleship through tennis (Mathew 28).


ICTA Large-Scale Tournament Outreach

Provides large-scale mission trips to famous professional tennis events. Outreach booths offering Bibles, videos, tracks, & more.Yellow Tennis Ball  Free Christian materials offered to over 1,800,000 tennis fans!  Additionally, offers to provide volunteers to tournament for staffing needs. Recognized worldwide as the first organization in history to provide large-scale outreach to world famous pro tennis tournaments,  

ICTA Worldwide Membership

Tennis fans from 2200+ cities in 80+ countries have joined ICTA's free membership. Each member adds strength to ICTA's ability to reach the global tennis industry.

 ICTA Social Media gains 100,000+  visits yearly from 150+ countries.  ICTA's Blog has reached over  200,000 readers.  ICTA Facebook is read weekly by up to 320,000.

 ICTA Pro Tennis Teams

ICTA Pro Tennis Teams consist of Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy world class players training. traveling, and competing together on the ITF pro circuits worldwide. Teams have impacted players from 63 countries.Yellow Tennis Ball

 ICTA Grand Slam Travel Tour

ICTA members & their guests enjoy world class tennis & Christian fellowship during a 5 day/4 night  vacation at the world's largest pro tennis tournament.




Free ICTA Membership

Every new member strengthens ICTA's negotiating ability within the global tennis industry.

In addition, enjoy the wonderful benefits of your free membership

Fellowship and network with Christian tennis players and fans around the world with your limited offer, free ICTA Membership! 



 ICTA Membership Benefits:

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Sony Ericcsson Open Weekend

                                     ICTA Global Outreach booth at world's 5th largest pro tennis tournament, the Miami Open, which we first attended in 2003. ICTA Global Mission has provided  outreach to 100,000s.

Welcome New ICTA Members


  • Ajai, India, ATP Pro Player
  • Kyle J, Illinois, College Tennis
  • Aaron, Kentucky, ATP Chair Umpire
  • Gerard L, South Carolina, Preacher
  • Maris G, Latvia, Engineer
  • Toyloria H, Texas, Student
  • Steppie W, Alabama, Hotel Management
  • Cindy V, Philippines, Missionary
  • Sambo O, Kenya, Business
  • Jacob S, Zambia, Tennis Coach
  • James W, Texas, Retired Pro
  • Akheem A, Pakistan, Engineer
  • Kieth M, Ohio, Pastor
  • Maria B, Texas, Tennis Fan
  • Richard , Germany, ATP Pro Player
  • Phellem M, Tanzania, Marketing
  • Strelize B, California, Missionary
  • John F, Tennessee, Tennis Pro
  • Lawrence I, Nigeria, Administration
  • Ron, New York, NFL Receiver
  • Ron B, Ohio, GE Executive
  • Chrystal V, New Jersey, Attorney
  • Sharon P, India, Student
  • Dr. Kirk H, Indiana, Optometrist
  • Ron B, Ohio, Golf Course Owner
  • Iqbal H, Kuwait, Military
  • Todd E, China, Missionary
  • Ellen M, Alabama, Housewife
  • Johnson A, Nigeria, Tour Operator
  • Ron R, Ohio, School Administrator
  • Ailen B, Argentina, Student
  • Ruth S, St. Charles, Accountant
  • Jan K, Wisconsin, Retired Nurse
  • Dan H, Indiana, Pastor
  • Tayfun M, Turkey, Tennis Trainer
  • Gary H, West Virginia, Tennis Pro
  • Troy F, Tennessee, Mortgage VP
  • Shanardo S, Jamaica, College Tennis
  • Armando S, Philippines, Pastor
  • Toby K, Illinois, Principle
  • Tammy B, West Virginia, Physician
  • Rev. Dr. Steven W, Ohio, Pastor & Univ. Professor
  • Jeanne M,  Arizona, Tennis Pro
  • Thomas J, Ohio, Pastor
  • Dennis N, California, Printer
  • Felix G, Ohio, Pastor
  • Alex M, Texas, Teaching Pro
  • Shruti , India, ATP Pro Player
  • Jonathan W, Georgia, College Coach
  • James R, Ohio, Athletic Trainer
  • Dick L, Canada, Retired
  • Dr. Paul E, Ohio, Physician
  • Araotanlaye A, Nigeria, Comp Research
  • Stephen P, Kentucky, UPS Pilot
  • Chanel B, South Africa, Student
  • Ronald M, Ohio, Veterinarian
  • Dawne S, Ohio, Pastor
  • Ernestina C, Nigeria, Student
  • Thomas C, Pennsylvania, Student
  • Robyn U, Ohio, Accountant
  • Madison S, Kentucky, Tennis Pro
  • Vienna D, Singapore, Student
  • Bart M, Ohio, Youth Pastor
  • Maria S, Michigan, Finance
  • Mathew T, Michigan, Student
  • David C, Florida, College Tennis
  • George T, New York, Tennis Pro
  • Wesley D, Kentucky, Dentist
  • Regina M, Ohio, Psychologist
  • Lai A, Philippines, College Student
  • Jeff D, Virginia, Youth Pastor
  • Kevin C, Kentucky, College Coach
  • Adriene C, Oregon, Student
  • Layne M, Nevada, Sales
  • Tom H, Ohio, Pastor
  • Koffi S, Ivory Coast, Student
  • Amy B, Tennessee, Paralegal
  • Claudia D, Illinois, Preschool Teacher
  • Olga A, Florida, Receptionist
  • Caron S, Ohio, Pharmacist
  • Dr. Clifford N, South Carolina, Physician
  • Sharlene L, Kentucky, Law Professor
  • Mitchell E, Texas, Tennis Director
  • Josheb P, New York, Student
  • Aimee P, Pennsylvania, Tennis Pro
  • Skylet S, Florida, Office
  • Aneel K, Pakistan, Journalist
  • Ryan B, Philippines, Architect
  • Albert, Ghana, ATP Pro Player
  • Delancey S, Kentucky, Student
  • Darrin B, California, Bookkeeper
  • Traci S, Ohio, Teacher
  • Maureen E, Jamaica, Student
  • David B, Indiana, Sales
  • Kieth B, Illinois, Computer Networking
  • Brad G, Michigan, College Tennis
  • Alexanda C, United Kingdom, Lab Manager
  • David R, Oklahoma, Computer
  • Michael, P, Nebraska, Student
  • Masthari P, India, CBN TV
  • John N, Pennsylvania, Tennis Pro
  • Adam, California, ATP Pro Player
  • Kimberly D, Nevada, Realtor
  • Dax W, Alabama, Sports Ministry
  • Kristy S, Ohio, Tennis Pro
  • Charles O, England, Pastor
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