scotty booth 2 ladiesWelcome! 

This is Coach Scotty.

ICTA Membership is always free. Join members in 2500+ cities in 80+ nations. The larger our collective voice became the more we brought positive change to the world via tennis.. This voice has done much good!  I'm proud of the efforts of so, so many! 

I established ICTA 20+ years ago in 1999. 

Long ago when I was 29 years of age my original hope was to share my faith in Jesus using tennis as the vehicle. God planted a very clear, powerful vision. ICTA has since reached 1,000,000s in person and online.

Here's a few neat accomplishments:

Adventure Tours: Our athletes and guests have traveled worldwide to bucket-list destinations with a purpose for outreach, adventure, teamwork, faith-building, and leadership development.

International Tennis Academy: Junior & professional tennis players from 35 nations have attended fulltime. 

Pro Tennis Teams: Our athletes have travelled over 1,000,000 miles to compete in pro tennis tournaments in 20+ nations, and helping other athletes in need. Reached athletes from 50+ nations for Jesus.

Vendor Booths: Providing helpful materials to tennis fans at among the world's most attended tennis events while also growing membership, contacts, connections.

Friendships: Christian speakers & music artists & Pastors & authors, athletes from many sports, leaders in religions & politics.

Sports Ministry Builder: Assisted people from dozens of nations to build local outreach via sport. From basketball to soccer to cricket to cycling and more.

Membership: People from 2500+ cities in 80+ nations have became members.

ICTA is my hobby, not my life. My hope has been to add value to others. ICTA is not my career. In this season of Covid-19 I decided to pause ICTA to focus more of my time on my businesses. 

I have a company in farm & ranch, a line of health products, a travel company, and my sport coaching. 

ICTA will continue to provide support for depressed/hurting ministry workers that we currently know. Website links (left side) that are open are available on a limited basis. 

Your visit today is, as always, truly appreciated. Be sure to sign up for your free ICTA membership!

Call or write, anytime! Or... Contact form

You are appreciated!

Coach Scotty


Welcome New ICTA Members


  • Jason, Georgia, Teacher
  • Ajai, India, ATP Pro Player
  • Kyle J, Illinois, College Tennis
  • Aaron, Kentucky, ATP Chair Umpire
  • Gerard L, South Carolina, Preacher
  • Maris G, Latvia, Engineer
  • Toyloria H, Texas, Student
  • Steppie W, Alabama, Hotel Management
  • Cindy V, Philippines, Missionary
  • Sambo O, Kenya, Business
  • Jacob S, Zambia, Tennis Coach
  • James W, Texas, Retired Pro
  • Akheem A, Pakistan, Engineer
  • Kieth M, Ohio, Pastor
  • Maria B, Texas, Tennis Fan
  • Richard , Germany, ATP Pro Player
  • Phellem M, Tanzania, Marketing
  • Strelize B, California, Missionary
  • John F, Tennessee, Tennis Pro
  • Lawrence I, Nigeria, Administration
  • Ron, New York, NFL Receiver
  • Ron B, Ohio, GE Executive
  • Chrystal V, New Jersey, Attorney
  • Sharon P, India, Student
  • Dr. Kirk H, Indiana, Optometrist
  • Ron B, Ohio, Golf Course Owner
  • Iqbal H, Kuwait, Military
  • Todd E, China, Missionary
  • Ellen M, Alabama, Housewife
  • Johnson A, Nigeria, Tour Operator
  • Ron R, Ohio, School Administrator
  • Ailen B, Argentina, Student
  • Ruth S, St. Charles, Accountant
  • Jan K, Wisconsin, Retired Nurse
  • Dan H, Indiana, Pastor
  • Tayfun M, Turkey, Tennis Trainer
  • Gary H, West Virginia, Tennis Pro
  • Troy F, Tennessee, Mortgage VP
  • Shanardo S, Jamaica, College Tennis
  • Armando S, Philippines, Pastor
  • Toby K, Illinois, Principle
  • Tammy B, West Virginia, Physician
  • Rev. Dr. Steven W, Ohio, Pastor & Univ. Professor
  • Jeanne M,  Arizona, Tennis Pro
  • Thomas J, Ohio, Pastor
  • Dennis N, California, Printer
  • Felix G, Ohio, Pastor
  • Alex M, Texas, Teaching Pro
  • Shruti , India, ATP Pro Player
  • Jonathan W, Georgia, College Coach
  • James R, Ohio, Athletic Trainer
  • Dick L, Canada, Retired
  • Dr. Paul E, Ohio, Physician
  • Araotanlaye A, Nigeria, Comp Research
  • Stephen P, Kentucky, UPS Pilot
  • Chanel B, South Africa, Student
  • Ronald M, Ohio, Veterinarian
  • Dawne S, Ohio, Pastor
  • Ernestina C, Nigeria, Student
  • Thomas C, Pennsylvania, Student
  • Robyn U, Ohio, Accountant
  • Madison S, Kentucky, Tennis Pro
  • Vienna D, Singapore, Student
  • Bart M, Ohio, Youth Pastor
  • Maria S, Michigan, Finance
  • Mathew T, Michigan, Student
  • David C, Florida, College Tennis
  • George T, New York, Tennis Pro
  • Wesley D, Kentucky, Dentist
  • Regina M, Ohio, Psychologist
  • Lai A, Philippines, College Student
  • Jeff D, Virginia, Youth Pastor
  • Kevin C, Kentucky, College Coach
  • Adriene C, Oregon, Student
  • Layne M, Nevada, Sales
  • Tom H, Ohio, Pastor
  • Koffi S, Ivory Coast, Student
  • Amy B, Tennessee, Paralegal
  • Claudia D, Illinois, Preschool Teacher
  • Olga A, Florida, Receptionist
  • Caron S, Ohio, Pharmacist
  • Dr. Clifford N, South Carolina, Physician
  • Sharlene L, Kentucky, Law Professor
  • Mitchell E, Texas, Tennis Director
  • Josheb P, New York, Student
  • Aimee P, Pennsylvania, Tennis Pro
  • Skylet S, Florida, Office
  • Aneel K, Pakistan, Journalist
  • Ryan B, Philippines, Architect
  • Albert, Ghana, ATP Pro Player
  • Delancey S, Kentucky, Student
  • Darrin B, California, Bookkeeper
  • Traci S, Ohio, Teacher
  • Maureen E, Jamaica, Student
  • David B, Indiana, Sales
  • Kieth B, Illinois, Computer Networking
  • Brad G, Michigan, College Tennis
  • Alexanda C, United Kingdom, Lab Manager
  • David R, Oklahoma, Computer
  • Michael, P, Nebraska, Student
  • Masthari P, India, CBN TV
  • John N, Pennsylvania, Tennis Pro
  • Adam, California, ATP Pro Player
  • Kimberly D, Nevada, Realtor
  • Dax W, Alabama, Sports Ministry
  • Kristy S, Ohio, Tennis Pro
  • Charles O, England, Pastor
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