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Coach Scotty Tennis Academy Letter for Parents....



Ultimate Impact Tennis Ranch: Florida, USA!



This is Coach Scotty. Welcome to one of the most special and important aspects of my life! Contact

Ultimate Impact Tennis Ranch is my personal discipleship ministry where I invest my time and talents into the next generation. This is such special and important work.scotty ana damo grace red van

Proven, world class tennis training that's produced not only #1 ranked junior tennis players for 22 nations (#1 B18 Greece, #1 B18 USA, #1 B18 Ukraine, #1 B16 & #1 B18 Bulgaria, #1 G18 Ukraine, #1 B18 Bahamas, etc)... but, has also built amazing platforms for these national and world class athletes to have real success in life as adults.

I don't coach for a job. I don't need a job. I coach because see the incredible, exciting IMPACT I've been able to have on teens for the past 30+ years as I build them into Champions on and off the tennis court.

I've coached kids... who have had kids... who have had kids!

I'm 52 years of age. I began coaching at 18. Kids I coached when I was 18 are now Grandparents! That is an amazing thought to me. Is a humbling thought, too.

(See those two kids behind my wife, Ana, and me? They are siblings from Fiji and are 14 and 19yrs. Their parents are business partners with me! I help people build international companies.

I've coached these two for years. Am building them both into medical doctors. We will build together a global medical missions organization they will lead. Click here to learn how I build platforms for kids to become medical doctors. These two siblings will become my 5th and 6th!)

My focus age group is generally 14-20 yrs. Interestingly, I've been coaching this age group since I was IN this age group!

Coaches and parents tend to call me the “teen whisperer”, which I find super funny.

Before I write more I want to let you know that my focus is not on your money. Mom and Dad... I don't do what I do for money. I don't need your money. In fact, I've given at least $725,000 in scholarships & sponsorships since 1999.

Collage Countries AcademyYou need help financially? Talk to me. I care.

I can't help every single person, but I do try to help super deserving kids with awesome families!

One teen I financially helped to afford to come train with me won Wimbledon not long ago. She was so excited to hold that trophy. I was excited for her!



She showed so much untapped potential that I even had her travel with my wife (who was a WTA pro tennis player for 10 years!) to learn how to travel internationally, safely & professionally! (One of my former full-time WTA players reached 4th round of US OPEN and earned a top 40 WTA ranking, so I'm familiar with how to recognize and develop talented female athletes.)

Another of my teen full-time students I helped, who was from USA, came from a family of hard-working farmers... and he is now in medical school!

Another came from Africa and had lived with 10 family members in a one room house. He's now a USA college graduate after getting a free university education via a university tennis scholarship!

collage jay taylor shika teek gabyI LOVE THESE STORIES AND THE IMPACT GOD HAS ALLOWED ME TO MAKE! Is nothing as fulfilling as a life of real purpose.

I appreciate the life & career God has given to me 100%.

All this said... if Mom and Dad are doctors... my answer will be no. If Mom and Dad simply don't want to sacrifice... my answer will be no. 

BUT, if Mom and Dad KNOW their kid needs to be here and there isn't enough money to afford my fees...THEN I am all ears and willing to listen.

You see, when I was a teen my Dad died unexpectedly.

My Mom, who was a teacher, and I struggled. My life got super difficult!

My high school football coach, Coach Strickland, invested into my life. Bible studies and meals at his house with his family CHANGED my life and positively IMPACTED my legacy.

Coach Strickland and Mrs Strickland IMPACTED me when I was a teen nobody. They were the real deal.

My coach's legacy lives on through me from his love towards me during my all-important high school years of 1982-1985. (by the way... Coach Strickland stays in touch with me TO THIS DAY via Facebook. He is super proud of the Christian man I have become!) Contact

As a Christian leader I focus my ICTA and Ultimate Impact programs on building Christian leadership skills in others. Life in 2020 is so, so odd for Christians globally compared to 10-20-30 years ago. To give my athletes a real shot to thrive in this world... I build powerful, focused, educated Christian athletes capable of navigating cultures, religions, worldviews while keeping their eyes on Jesus

Now, let's talk a few minutes about tennis.

I'm an elite coach with 30+ years experience. I'm proven and successful. I don't wonder how to build a world class junior tennis player. There is no mystery, anymore. What generally takes an average coach 5 years to build... I can do in 1 year max.

ad ana grand canyonHow? I build the body to handle the amount of balls that need to be hit. This isn't rocket science. It's hard, focused, smart work. It's teamwork making the dream work.

I need 1.5-2 years to take a beginner player to the level needed to earn a USA university tennis scholarship.

(Photo: My wife, Ana, at the Grand Canyon last year. An amazing experience!)

Remember the kid I mentioned before who reached 4th round of the US OPEN? She was simple to improve. She even beat 4 former #1 WTA players.

Let me give you an example. One of my full-time students was a top 15 USA B18. His doubles partner was #1 in the Bahamas and had played a charity match vs Sharapova. He lost the first set. Was nervous. He was just 17yrs of age and... it was SHARAPOVA, and lots of TV and people and photographers! Contact

Then, he got focused. He destroyed her 6-0,6-0 for the win. My USA player could do the same.

ad aussie sitting pyramidI say this to say that I've built and maintained dozens of players far more skilled than a #1 WTA player, like Sharapova.

Building your son or daughter into a national or world class tennis player isn't a difficult situation for me.

I'm often recruited to coach at the world's most famous tennis academies, and am occasionally asked by top WTA players to be their full-time coach on the WTA tour. I sometimes agree to advise these WTA players, but I'm un-interested in coaching just one player. BORING!

And there is NO WAY I'd want to be away from my home 30 weeks a year.

My wife is my best friend.

I miss her whenever she isn't with me. I can't imagine being away from my wife for a week! Or weeks!

Here is some additional I'd like to share with you.

This is my 34th year coaching. 20 years ago I took a big risk and opened my own small tennis academy for international tennis players.

Since 2001 I've brought in full-time junior and pro tennis players from 35 nations & 18 USA states. Every player has lived with my family, as family. Contact

You will most likely never meet a coach who has coached junior and pro tennis players from as many nations as I have, much less players have lived full-time with the coach's family.

I come from an Italian-American background. Family is important to me. I am also not a fan of kids raising kids in dorms at giant tennis academies worldwide.

My junior players have been #1 B18 Greece, #1 B18 USA, #1 B18 Ukraine, #1 G18 Ukraine, #1 B18 Jamaica, #1 B18 Bahamas, #1 B18 Ghana, #1 G18 Samoa, #1 B18 Nigeria.. and 12 more #1 players. There have been many, many #2-#10 nationally ranked players.

Ad ana ukrainians nasaI've placed my players in every level of college in America on tennis scholarships.

They have become attorneys, accountants, teachers, one is a medical doctor and another is in medical school, coaches, politicians.

My students from the 1980's are now grandparents.

(Photo: My athletic wife, Ana, with some of our teens from Ukraine and Poland. We took this group to Disneyworld, NASA, Universal Studios, Chic Fil A headquarters in Atlanta for a tour, and up the East Coast to Washington Dc to tour the White House, Congress, Smithsonian Museums.. and much more. a GREAT and IMPACTFUL trip!)

My students have competed in pro matches in over 25 nations, in every Grand Slam, in Davis Cup and Fed Cup, and have reached top 5 NCAA D1 singles.

Each of these players had lived with my family full-time, as family.

Here is an interesting group of statistics that the parent of a player showed to me...

I've had over 1,500,000 hours of player management and development at 10 players x 24 hrs x 365 x 18 yrs.

1,500,000 hours! That's amazing. His number was based on just 10 players. I've had 15-20 players at a time,

He also says my eyes have seen well over 3,000,000 tennis balls being hit by my players since I began my tennis academy. As such, I see anyone's strokes in slow motion and I generally see what other coaches can't.

ana collage blueI've been successful at not going bankrupt in the worst economy in modern history, and have one of the few tennis academies in the USA that has never declared bankruptcy.

Not only that... but, I've also invested over $700,000US into players via scholarships and sponsorships!

Why? My treasure is being stored in Heaven, not here.

( Photo: My wife! Ana competed worldwide for a decade in over 500 main draw pro matches as WTA player, She reached WTA pro players from 68 nations for Jesus. Special, remarkable person and an incredible career!)

In my house I've been able to thread the needle of blending cultures, religions, and skill levels of players from around the globe.. and creating common bonds and lifelong connections.

I've done this for 20 years full-time. Is easy and natural for me now.

I've built a global membership of Christians in 2500+ cities in 80+ nations.

My large scale mission trips to famous tennis events have reached 1,500,000+ tennis fans from 100+ nations.

I've sent missions teams over 1,250,000 miles worldwide reaching world class athletes from 75+ nations.

My ministry's Facebook has reached over 100,000 weekly from many nations for dozens and dozens of weeks during busy seasons. This website has reached nearly 1,000,000 people.. and we have seldom updated it.

I've connected with nearly every tennis industry company on the planet, have impacted players you see on TV, and am known as Coach Scotty to over 3000 people in Egypt.. of which I am super proud.

For my players I offer the world's most complete High Performance player development program. You will see this as you scroll through

I teach coaches, tennis academies, sports academies, etc to do what I do. I don't see them as competition. I see them as ways I can use my hard-earned experience and platform to IMPACT lives for Jesus!

(Funny story... the Liberty University head tennis coach once slept in my bunk beds at my house! He'd asked to come learn my training techniques. He was new to coaching. While here at my house this Coach played Risk and Ping Pong with my players, and was a real joy. To this day we are friends. He's someone I believe in and trust!)

Ana and I own a growing horse ranch in Florida. All of our horses have Hall of Fame bloodlines. Our main stallion is in the Hall of Fame. He is also sire to the world's most famous horse of their type.

My students become part of our equine program. They learn how to feed, groom, train horses. They learn how to build and maintain fence, plant trees, build furniture. Basically, if it is part of ranch/farm life... my player learn and do it. Kids do not need to sit around with smartphones. They get depressed, lonely, sad. My players LOVE ranch life.

Here is what I've developed for my players...

Ranch lodging, horses, home cooked mealsUSTA tournaments 1-3 weekends a month, options for online High School or attend a private Christian High School, world class tennis training for pro or college player development, Church, Bible studies and missions training, internships with my global sports ministry, national and international travel tennis teams to ITF junior and ITF pro tournaments, 50% discounts on my USA leadership adventure trips, 50% discounts on my international adventure trips.

ana scott collage smilesWe attend Christian youth events (Student Life), Christian concerts (Chris Tomlin came to my house and has trained several times with my players. I met Tomlin about 15 years ago), attend among the largest and most famous tennis tournaments in the world, meet university tennis coaches.

I am easy to reach.

Simply fill out our Academy Interest Form.

Or call/text 386 338 5524.for my wife to set up an appointment, no problem.

Can send me an email to

Know that I do not choose the players I coach based in if Mom and Dad are wealthy or not.

I look for GREAT kids, and kids who need someone to truly invest time into their lives. I look for parents who are honest, supportive, kind.

This tennis academy program is my way of helping young people reach their dreams and goals.

If you want your kid to have proven, world class tennis training with amazing hitting partners from great families worldwide in a fantastic environment... then be sure to contact me before we are all filled up.

We've been full every semester for well over a decade. 

Taking applications now for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020/Spring 2021. Contact

Thanks for taking the time to read!

We love you!

Coach Scotty :)



Last Published: March 3, 2020 3:39 PM
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