Leadership Adventures USA

Visit NASA at Kennedy Space Center in Cocoa Beach, Florida! . Visit the White House in Washington, DC!

Visit Disneyworld in Orlando, Florida! Tour the Coke factory and tour Chic Fil A headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia! Explore ALL the world renown Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC! Experience Universal Studios Hollywood and Blue Man Group!

Watch America's Congress in action in Washington DC. Meet astronauts! Talk with 3 Pastors of large, successful churches about Leadership. See the East Coast of America. Immerse yourself in proven leadership skills development! AND... eat Coach Scotty's famous Iron Skillet Lasagne! 

ANY ONE of these is AMAZING... BUT what it you could experience ALL OF THESE incredible things in one trip! I KNOW!! WOULD BE AWESOME!!  Read on... :)


Coach Scotty envisioned and created LEADERSHIP ADVENTURES USA! A unique program that partners with international, faith-based schools to provide a 2 week experience to explore America and develop Christian leadership skills. (AND, to enjoy Coach Scotty's homemade Iron Skillet Lasagne at his Florida lodge! :) HAHA!)

Let's use a Christian organization in Ukraine that is directed by one of Coach Scotty's friends as an example.  Check this out...


Day 1: Up to 20 students and the Ukrainian Director... arrive in Orlando airport. Coach Scotty and his wife, Ana, along with 3 of Coach Scotty's international interns meet them all at baggage claim. Coach Scotty brings everyone to the hotel where there is a meet & greet, a local dinner, and a Leadership meeting before bed.

Day 2: Breakfast together, Leadership class, the group explores Disneyworld. Walt Disney is one of the greatest innovators, dreamers and achievers of our lifetime.48413788_334104254088858_1800781844778582016_n

Day 3: Drive to earby Kennedy Space Center, check into hotel, the explore among NASA's greatest achievements. Meet & greet with astronauts. Bible study before bedtime.

Day 4, 5: Drive to Coach Scotty's Lodge, students check into hotel, Sonny's BBQ catered dinner & a movie at the Lodge. Prayer time. On Day 5... go tubing on the Ichetucknee river (awesome Florida destination), visit local church & meet staff, Coach Scotty's famous Iron Skillet Lasagne for dinner, 

Day 6: Drive to Washington DC! Check into hotel. Dinner at Coach Scotty's favorite Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. :)

Day 7: Leadership class, then visit the White House and Congress

Day 8,9: Visit all Smithsonian Museums, local mission outreach in partnership with an incredible church, Leadership class

Day 10: Drive to Atlanta on way back to Florida. Check into Hotel. Prayer before bed.

Day 11: Tour the Coke factory in the morning. Tour Chic-Fil-A headquarters after a Chic-Fil-A lunch. Drive to Coach Scotty's Lodge. Check into Hotel.

Day 12, 13: Meet with 3 different Pastors and staff of 3 large, successful churches to discuss Christian leadership. Explore the University of Florida (#8 ranked public university and #38 ranked of all universities in USA), Sante Fe Community College (#1 ranked community college in USA). Dinners and evening movies, ping pong, billiards, games at Coach Scotty's Lodge.

Day 14: Drive to Orlando. Lunch. Prayer. Group fly to Russia.

For more information and to reserve a date for your school: 386 338 5524

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