For Pastors

Pastors! Thank you for your service! Your teen receives an immediate 80% scholarship.

Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy's fulltime training program.. includes lodging, room & board, 35 hours weekly tennis, high school education, missions training, and more!

17 years of GREAT partnership with Pastors!

For Missionaries

The first Christian missionary couple we partnered with to train fulltime their 15 yr old son for 5 years was amazing. He is now a Medical Doctor & surgeon at America's #1 hospital.

Thank you, Missionaries, for your service! All Christian missionaries receive an immediate 70% scholarship for their son or daughter at Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy's fulltime program! 

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Dear Visitor,

Thank you for visiting the webpage for Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy.

  • Florida
  • Lodging on horse farm
  • 30+ hours weekly training
  • Private and/or distance learning High School
  • Adult supervision 24/7
  • Bible studies, Great Commission training, Apologetics
  • Tournament travel teams for juniors & pro
  • Global mission trips
  • USA & International adventure tours
  • Scholarships 
  • 35 nations attended fulltime
  • 22 #1 nationally ranked juniors
  • Junior & pro tennis teams have traveled globally for 20+ years
  • Alumni received full tennis scholarships at every level college & university
  • Alumni competed in Wimbledon,US Open, French Open, Australian Open
  • Parent involvement welcomed and required


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Coach Scotty long ago in 1997 had a big dream to coach international junior tennis players to help them gain scholarships to USA universities. 

Soon after UITA began! Junior and professional tennis players from 35 nations (and 18 USA states) have attended UITA, fulltime, since 1999.

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Our alumni have earned full tennis scholarships at every level of university in America! A big dream come true for not only the athletes, but also for our Coach Scotty,

What does UITA offer?

*Lodging on a horse farm in Florida in a new, large farmhouse

*Healthy and delicious home cooked meals

*High School education online or at a local, private school.

*UTR, USTA, ITF tournaments on select weekends.

*24 hr adult supervision

*Fulltime, proven world class tennis training

*Bible studies, Great Commission training, apologetics 

*ESL English as a second language

*Local, national, international mission trips

*Junior and pro tennis teams

Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy offers scholarships to help athletes succeed. Coach Scotty's Dad died when Coach Scotty was a teen. His Mom was a school teacher. Coach Scotty understands difficulties happen in life and he is thrilled to offer scholarships to hard working athletes.

$100,000US's in scholarships have been awarded!

World class education and tennis training in a safe, happy, comfortable horse farm environment in sunny Florida. Coach Scotty is super grateful to offer this to his athletes!

Speaking of our athletes...

Our junior tennis players from 22 nations have reached the ranking of #1 in their age groups.

Examples... #1 B18 Ukraine, #1 B18 Greece, #1 B18 USA, #1 B18 Bahamas, #1 B18 Ghana,, #1 G12, #1 G18 Ukraine, and many more.  Many others reached top 10 rankings, such as #7 G18 USA, #5 B18 Sweden, #5 G16 New Zealand, #10 G18 Ukraine.

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UITA tennis players and alumni have competed in the Olympics, French Open, US Open, Australian Open, Wimbledon, Davis Cup, Fed Cup, junior Davis Cup and junior Fed Cup, Miami Open, Indian Wells, and WTA & ATP & ITF events globally.

(photo of a Coach Scotty's USA Adventure Tour: Florida to DC!  21 days of NASA, Disneyworld, White House Smithsonian Museums, BBQ, tennis, and more)

Our players have traveled over 2,000,000 miles competing in ITF professional tennis tournaments worldwide.

Our players & alumni have won many ITF pro tennis titles.

We have the I-20 form available for student visas for those who attend high school while training at UITA fulltime. UITA students may attend a private high school that provides a top education in Florida. UITA students may attend the #1 community college in America and a top 10 D1 university. 

The high school, community college, and D1 University are all near us.

Church on Sunday, homecooked meals, horse farm environment, brand new Lodge, private high school education, proven tennis training, junior tennis tournaments available most weekends, and more.

A rare and special opportunity.

collage jay taylor shika teek gabyCurrently, UITA is only accepting applications from qualified junior tennis players ages 14-19 with interest to train fulltime. Our usual summer and holday camps are cancelled due to Covid-19.

UITA will consider accepting new, fulltime junior tennis players ages 14-19 on a case by case basis. These will be very few openings for 2022.

Preferable candidates will be: Kind, helpful, willing to learn, friendly, have kind parents. UITA offers financial scholarships for qualfied applicants.

Coach Scotty has agreed to continue to work with his longtime students during Covid19. These students have been with UITA for an average of 4 years. Each is also a student at the local high school, college, or university. Their parents are among Coach Scotty's most supportive and trusted friends.

A 2022 - 2023 main focus of UITA is for Coach Scotty to travel to and through our partner nations in Eastern Europe hosting competitions specifically designed to locate talented junior tennis players. We will then offer scholarships to the best of the best we locate to bring them to America and train fulltime with us.

Those athletes will learn English, meet university coaches, and have an opportunity to earn university tennis scholarships. The most talented will be sponsored for global travel in our pro player development program. These athletes will earn university degrees online while competing in ITF pro tennis tournaments worldwide.

Moms and Dads... if you'd like your son or daughter to receive proven world class tennis training in a great environment... feel free to contact us. 

Send an email to, or text 386 338 5524.

Have a GREAT day!



Team Australia

Australians have continuously attended UITA, fulltime, for world class tennis training since 2008.

Aussie's automatically receive 50% scholarship for...

* 35 hrs weekly tennis

* Horse ranch lodging

* Weekend tournaments

* Florida location

* Home cooked meals

* Great Commission Training

* Private High School

* Explore Florida

* Travel Team


Team Ukraine

All Ukrainian junior tennis players may apply for 70% scholarship for fulltime academy. 

100% scholarship available to select junior tennis players impacted by war.

Since 2005 Ukrainians have attended UITA, fulltime.

Alumni and fulltime students have:

* reached #34 WTA

* competed all Grand Slam tournaments

* competed in 500+ main draw matches in pro tennis tournaments

* received 100% tennis scholarships at USA D1 universities

*traveled 100,000s worldwide competing in events 

* #1 B18

* #1 G18

* and more.



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