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Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy combines among the world's most complete fulltime tennis training for collegiate player development with a high powered  education at a top rated Christian high school and an unmatched player lodging atmosphere on a horse ranch in Florida! 

Dear Parents,

My name is Scott Paschal I founded International Christian Tennis Association. I am the owner of Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy, which I began in the late 90's.

That's a photo below of me and my baby girl miracle, Coco, as we hike on our horse farm in Florida! My baby girl is AWESOME!

I want to talk directly to you as a coach and a parent...

This is my 37th year coaching tennis and my 24th year owning this tennis academy. Junior and professional tennis players from 35 nations and 18 USA have attended my tennis academy fulltime. These athletes all lived with my family, as family. Many of their parents have become my most trusted and loved friends.

scotty papa coco hiking 2These athletes have been 22 #1 nationally ranked juniors. These athletes have been dozens ranked top 10 nationally. These athletes have reached top 5 ITF juniors, competed in junior Fed Cup & Davis Cup, and competed in Nationals worldwide.

These athletes have traveled 2 million miles, competed in main draws of Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open, French Open, 100s of ITF/WTA tournaments, competed in Olympics.

These athletes earned full scholarships at every level of college in America from NCAA D1, NCAA D2, NAIA, NCCAA, Junior College. These atheltes have reached top 5 NCAA D1 singles and have won NCCAA Sportsmanship of the Year award presented at US OPEN.

These athletes have become Medical Doctors, business owners, politicians, teachers, CEO's, nurses.

Every one of these athletes, who have come from all religions & cultures, know Coach Scotty as unapologetically Christian, dedicated to excellence, hard working, and extremely passionate about their success in life.

I own multiple companies and I do not need money. Financially, I am all set. Why do I have a tennis academy?

Because so many lives have been positively impacted over the decades. Each athlete can receive proven world class tennis training in a Christian environment while also learning how to succeed in life. That's it. That's my motivation to continue coaching.

Not every kid is accepted into my program. Space is limited. You can't buy your kids way in, either. Like I said, I don't need money. In fact, I offer giant scholarships to the right athletes.

I search for a rare type of kid... hard working, thoughtful, team oriented, respectful, helpful. I don't look for great players. I can make a player great. I look for great people. Any culture, color, religion. In my decades of sport coaching I have worked with every type imaginable!

Know I never recruit. I only want the players God sends my way. That is a big deal to me and powerfully motivating.

I wanted to write directly to you, today, so that you know exactly where I stand and the experience I bring. Partnering with the right parents matters.

Below is an info form. Fill it out to have us reach out to you. Below the form is more info about my tennis program.

Thanks for taking the time to read! 

Coach Scotty

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UITA Scholarships

Athletes who are determined by UITA to be a solid fit for our fulltime academy program and who demonstrate a financial need may apply for UITA Financial Scholarship.

UITA has been full each semester for years. Unlike many tennis programs we do not need to recruit and we do not use scholarships to attract potential students. We have a set amount of scholarships available each year ranging from 10% to 100%. Scholarships are not dependant upon skill level or ranking.

We simply want to help great kids be able to live their dream.

What UITA offers....

High School:

Two available options.

1. Christian high school. .Top rated. Gorgeous campus. I-20 form available

2. Online with a choice of 5 curriculums. Athletes train fulltime

collage jay taylor shika teek gabyRanch Lodging:

New, giant farmhouse in Florida. Horses, pastures, pine trees. All tennis students are encompassed into Coach Scotty's international equine training program. Each student accepted in UITA lodges on with Coach Scotty's family, as family

Fulltime Tennis:

35 hours weekly tennis, fitness, mental, strategical, nutritional training for pro/college player development.  Among world's most complete player development. 

Travel Teams:

Select players may travel to junior, adult, and ITF pro tournaments on UITA travel teams in Florida, America,  and International. We've sent players 100,000s of miles worldwide since 1999.

National and Global Leadership Adventure Tours:

Adventures globally focusing on teamwork, missions, leadership, cultural awareness. Amazon jungle, Great Wall, Machu Picchu, Grand Canyon, Giza Pyramids.. Israel, China, Ecuador, Peru, Australia, USA, Mexico, Italy, Egypt, UK, and more. 

ESL (English as second language)

Internationals seeking to improve English language skills can join our intensive ESL programs led by certified ESL instructors

Equine Academy

All tennis is encompassed into Coach Scotty's international equine academy. Horses that are Hall of Fame of hall of Fame bloodlines. Equine training, care. Travel to famous equine shows including multiple visits to the globally famous World Equestrian Center in Florida.

For Missionaries

Thank you, Missionaries, for your service!

All teens of Christian missionaries may receive an immediate 70% scholarship for UITA fulltime! 

The very first Christian missionary family UITA partnered with for 15 yr old son for 5 years fulltime training was amazing. Now a Medical Doctor & surgeon at America's #1 hospital.


For Pastors

Pastors, thank you for your service!

17 years of GREAT partnership with Pastors!

Your teen may receive an 70% scholarship on UITA fulltime.

Includes lodging, room & board, 35 hours weekly tennis, high school education, missions training, aplogetics, and more!


Team Australia

Australians have continuously attended UITA, fulltime, for world class tennis training since 2008.

Aussie's automatically receive 50% scholarship for...

* 35 hrs weekly tennis

* Horse ranch lodging

* Weekend tournaments

* Florida location

* Home cooked meals

* Great Commission Training

* Private High School

* Explore Florida

* Travel Team


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