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Ultimate Impact International Adventure Tours

Ultimate Impact Adventure Tours sends teens and young adults on bucket-list leadership adventures to among the most famous destinations in the world for developing confidence, teamwork, and cultural awareness.

To book a tour for your school or church... call or text 386 338 5524.

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For over 20 years Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy has sent teams of our junior and professional tennis players to compete in International Tennis Federation professional tournaments worldwide.

Many of these tennis teams were sent as a Christian mission outreach team to positively impact the lives of players and coaches from around the world who come to these pro tennis events. 1000's of players, coaches, parents from over 100 nations were reached and impacted by Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy travel teams.

Coach Scotty discovered his athletes became more focused and more mature from these cultural adventure experiences.

They became better tennis students, better Christians, better team members. He saw his players' lives positively impacted. He then worked to develop stronger and stronger teams, and sent them on over 2,000,000 miles of trips.


During this time Coach Scotty decided to develop a separate non-tennis program that focused completely on the development of the athlete. By taking away the pressure of competition & outreach the teen/young adult is able to focus on recreation, teamwork, cultural awareness, faith, and confidence building.



Ultimate Impact International Adventure Tours has sent teens/young adults from many nations worldwide on amazing and exciting Christian leadership adventures. There has never been an accident or injury. All details are pre-planned, organized, and we've done many times before.


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Machu Picchu

Galapegos Islands

Great Wall of China


Some amazing bucket-list experiences...

Walk on the Great Wall of China

Hike Peru's Machu Picchu

Swim with seat turtles in Galapegos Islands

Climb waterfalls in Ecuador's Amazon rain forest.

Explore the Grand Canyon

Travel the Outback in Australia.

Tour a family coffee farm in Colombiacollage ecuador 3

Explore Paris and Normandy

Visit the White House, Congress, and Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC.

Spend a day at Disneyworld in Florida

Explore NASA at the Kennedy Space Center.

Paraglide near Shell, Ecuador

Eat authentic Chinese food then explore China's Forbidden City

Visit Old City in Jerusalem, Israel

Bungee jump off the 2nd highest bridge in Ecuador

Ride a camel at the Egyptian pyramids

Zipline canyons in Ecuador

Take a train ride in Ecuador that is ranked top 10 in the world

Sleep in a 100+ year old treehouse in Ecuador at the farm of the family that grows the cocoa beans for the world's most expensive chocolate

Snorkel in the Red Sea in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Attend a Chris Tomlin concert in Florida

Mountain bike down Cotopaxi... the largest active volcano in Ecuador

Snap photos in the Colosseum in Rome

Quad-bike a dune safari in the Sinai desert in Egypt

Dive into the Red Sea in a submarine with large glass windows

Raft the Amazon river in Ecuador

Float in the Dead Sea in Israel

Explore Inca ruins in Ecuador

Swim with sea turtles in Galapegos Islands



We recommend your Youth Pastors & Missions Pastors contact Coach Scotty to attend an Ultimate Impact International Adventure Tour.

Coach Scotty specializes in teaching others how to lead. You can attend a professionally designed leadership adventure tour. This experience will open doors for you to lead your youth, adults, staff on these exact tours on our pre-planned routes.


Schools and Tennis Academies

We would be glad to include your students and a staff member in our trips.



Contact Coach Scotty for your family or kids to journey with us. You can include family friends, as well.

Contact for schedule, dates, destinations, information

Ultimate Impact Adventure Tours sends teens and young adults on bucket-list leadership adventures to among the most famous destinations in the world for developing confidence, teamwork, and cultural awareness in teens and young adults.

To book a tour for your school or church... fill out this FORM. Or call/text 386 338 5524.

Global Adventure Tour Form

Great to have your interest! You can fill out this form, or you can call/text 386 338 5524! 

For 20+ years we've been sending our international tennis academy's junior and pro athletes to exotic, amazing, bucket-list destinations worldwide. Now, our two decades of experience is available for you, your family, your church, your school!


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