USA 21-Day Ultimate Impact Leadership Adventure Tour: Summers


Ultimate Impact Leadership Adventure Tour is one of the finest leadership camps for teens in America!

Combined with Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy's Tennis programs... campers will experience the summer of a lifetime!

Since 1999 … Ultimate Impact Tennis Academy has sent junior and pro athletes worldwide to compete in tennis tournaments and to explore the most famous sights in the world. 20+ Years of excitement and excellence!

collage usa tour ana scott homepageOur SUMMER USA tour is designed to explore among the most incredible imaginations and innovations in America.

Camp students will gain vast wisdom and experience during 3 weeks of bucket-list destinations combined with leadership lessons taught by the owner of Ultimate Impact, Scott Paschal.

From Disney World and Kennedy Space Center in Florida to the White House, Smithsonian Museums, and Congress in Washington DC... there is only one leadership camp in the world designed by leadership professionals with 2 decades of experience in developing teens into national and world class athletes prepared to perform on a global platform.

In a world dominated by social media and smartphones... Coach Scotty brings back old school values such as time together!

Person to person interaction, friendships, and team work while teens enjoy incredible adventures such as exploring the entire Kennedy Space Center and speaking with a NASA astronaut in Cocoa Beach, Florida, … and walking through history at the Smithsonian Museum of Science and Natural History in Washington DC.

Enjoy BBQ cookouts and learn horse care at Coach Scotty's horse ranch in Florida, tour the World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, stroll through the halls of the USA Congress in Washington DC.

Leadership skills taught at by leadership experts at bucket-list destinations Ultimate Impact has explored dozens of time!

International groups and church groups welcome. This trip is available twice yearly. $3500 per person. 50% discount for Ultimate Impact Tennis Ranch students. 30% discount for groups of 10+.



USA 21-Day Leadership Adventure Tour Schedule:

Day 1: Drive to Atlanta, Hotel

Day 2: Tour Coke Factor and Atlanta Aquarium, Drive to Ranch

Day 3: Tennis, Furniture Building, Fence Construction, Horse care

Day 4: Tubing on famous Ichetucknee Springs, Horse care, Learn to make homemade pasta, Ranch

Day 5-6: Drive to Orlando, Disney World, Hotel

Day 7-8: Drive to Cocoa Beach, Kennedy Space Center/NASA, Hotel

Day 9: Drive to Gainesville. Ranch

Day 10: Explore Sante Fe College (#1 USA Community College), visit Rock High School, Ranch

Day 11: Drive to Washington DC, Hotel

Day 12: See the White House, Visit Smithsonian Air & Space Museum, Chinatown, Hotel

Day 13: Visit Smithsonian Zoo, Chinatown, visit Supreme Court, Visit Pentagon, Hotel

Day 14: Explore Smithsonian Museum of Science and Natural History, Visit Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, Bible Museum, Hotel

Day 15: Visit USA Congress, Visit Smithsonian Art Museum, Visit National Geographic Museum, Visit International Spy Museum, Hotel

Day 16: Visit Ford's Theatre, Visit United States Botanical Gardens, Visit Smithsonian Museum of Science & Natural History Museum, Chinatown, Hotel

Day 17: Drive to Gainesville, Ranch

Day 18: Explore University of Florida (#8 USA Public University and #38 of all USA Universities) Ranch and/or Visit Beautiful Flagler Beach. Learn Tennis, Learn horse care, Learn to cook Italian Lasagne! Ranch

Day 19: Drive to Orlando, Universal Studios Islands of Adventure. Hotel

Day 2:0 Universal Studios, Blue Man Group, Hotel

Day 21: Drive to Ranch/Airport



What is included:ad blue man

  1. Transportation to/from Airport

  2. All Lodging at Ranch

  3. All Hotel Lodging

  4. All Tennis Training

  5. All Camp Activities at Ranch

  6. All Fitness Training

  7. All Meals & Lodging at Ranch

  8. All Horse Training Lessons

  9. All Fence Building Training

  10. All Transportation Lodging for Horse Shows

  11. Transportation to/from all destinations throughout 21 day trip

  12. All road tolls and parking throughout 21 day trip

  13. Tickets for Disney World

  14. Ticket for Kennedy Space Center

  15. Tickets for Universal Studios

  16. Ticket for Blue Man Group

  17. Leadership & Teamwork Studies

  18. English Studies

  19. Learn How to Apply Disciplines of World Class Athletes

  20. Learn Habits of Successful People



Attractions:ad washington dc Capital ana

  1. United States White House

  2. United States Congress

  3. United States Pentagon

  4. United States Supreme Court

  5. Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial

  6. Smithsonian Zoo

  7. Smithsonian Air & Space Museum

  8. Smithsonian Science & Natural History Museum

  9. Smithsonian Museum of Art

  10. Chinatown in Washington DC

  11. Ford's Theatre

  12. Bible Museum

  13. National Geographic Museum

  14. International Spy Museum

  15. Disney World's Magic Kingdom

  16. Disney World's Animal Kingdom

  17. Universal Studios Hollywood

  18. Universal Studios Islands of Adventure

  19. Blue Man Group

  20. Kennedy Space Center

  21. Ichetuknee Springs

  22. University of Florida

  23. Sante Fe Community College

  24. Coke Factory

  25. Atlanta Aquarium

  26. Learn Tennis

  27. Learn Horse Care

  28. Build Furniture

  29. Learn to make Lasagna!

  30. Tour USA East Coast

  31. Flagler Beach

  32. University of Florida

  33. Sante Fe College


States Visited:


  1. Florida

  2. Georgia

  3. South Carolina

  4. North Carolina

  5. Virginia

  6. Maryland


SUMMER 2020 Ultimate Impact USA Leadership Adventure Tour
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