Pastor and/or Missionary Development Program


48994286_2113235882320625_5204994419899498496_nOur Coach Scotty has designed a unique missionary/pastoral developmental program to bring confidence and courage to qualifed young adults who have PASSION to become a Pastor and/or Missionary.

This program includes a university degree, a seminary degree, working at local churches, and global missions!

Here's an example... 

19 year old Daniel from Australia trained at Coach Scotty's tennis academy for two years. He then decided he wanted to become a Pastor some day. Daniel has incredible shyness, difficulty speaking to groups, was homeschooled his whole life, difficulty in social settings, little inner confidence, poor leaderships skills, and on and on.

But, what a neat kid who LOVED Jesus! 

Daniel agreed to a 4 week training period. He was sent to Guayaquil, Ecuador.. with no idea how to speak Spanish, no smartphone, clothes that would fit into a backpack, and an ancient laptop computer. He was given no clue as to what his training, assignments, etc would be. He only know where he was flying and the hostel where he would spend his first night!48929042_632044457211532_5258198992998629376_n

The journey that followed would forever change Daniel's life story for Jesus! In the month that followed Daniel met, lived withand served with the Pastors from many churches throughout the nation. He experienced adventures, overcame personal obstacles, built lifelong friendships.

He's been back to Ecuador many times... alone or with others Coach Scotty sends.

Daniel has journied throughout Ecuador and Colombia. He has participated in missions outreach in Peru and Egypt.

He attends America's #1 Community College fulltime. He works at a local church. He is an intern for Coach Scotty.

Daniel will finish his degree at University of Florida, then will attend Seminary fulltime online while traveling the world on intense, impactful missions.

Our Coach Scott Paschal, ICTA Founder, has met 100s of Pastors nationwide, and many more worldwide. He sees a need for Pastors to be developed who have a heart for the Great Commission. 

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