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March 1, 2020


This is Coach Scotty!

Did you receive this blue brochure (above) from David while at an Aussie tournament!? If so... awesome, and I'm excited that you are visiting

scott ana porch smile farmYou've got a shot at a 70% sponsorship to come to America and train like a pro athlete, lodge at my horse ranch, compete in many United States Tennis Association tennis tournaments, and see some amazing sites in Miami, Washington DC, Orlando, and more!

As you can see by looking around this website I have coaches for a LONG time and have achieved great success. MUCH will be added to, but you get the idea that I BUILD and that I've been doing this at a very high level for decades.

Why am I even offering these 3 huge scholarships?

Well, mate, at this phase of my blessed life I do not coach for money only.

In fact, I have zero need of your money! I coach now because I have a great passion to positively impact lives.

I want your LIFE to be a great success. Tennis is a fantastic tool I use to build confidence and strength and teamwork in my athletes!

I love the heartbeat and passion of hard working Australians. So, David and I thought we'd form TEAM AUSTRALIA and bring great opportunities for some junior tennis players who might not be able to afford my very high fees, or the fees of other world class tennis academies.

I've got extra room here since we just finished building our incredcible new lodge. Before we advertise worldwide David and I thought it would be a great idea to give some Aussies a shot at coming here for SUMMER or FULLTIME by offering huge scholarships to ease the financial burder.

We want these Aussie junior tennis players to be able to afford to train here AND also be able to afford to player tournaments, travel, etc. We CARE.  We really care.  

To be considered a serious applicant for my program the player will need to be able to come for a minimum of 2 months and afford a roundtrip airline flight. The visa exchange program with the USA makes a visa a non-issue as Aussies get 3 months, no problem.

I'm planning to offer 3 GIANT scholarships for Aussies.  And, I will also consider 1-2 very good scholarships. These opportunities will only be available to amazing kids who have amazing parents.

If the player and/or parents are obnoxious then please let's don't waste each other's time!  I've coached for 35 years and owned a tennis academy for 20 years... and I'm incredibly happy with my life... so, I don't want the headaches of problem players/parents. And I 100% definitely don't want to waste an incredible scholorship on unappreciatve people when there are SO MANY fantastic players/parents in this world!

BUT, if parents and player are awesome and team oriiented and loving and kind and passionate and helpful and considerate...THEN LET'S TALK!!

My wife and I are bringing in some Ukrainians to attend a local private Christian high school, attend America's #1 College (Sante Fe College), and to attend University of Florida (#8 USA state university and #38 of all USA universities). Ana is Ukrainian and we have a BIG passion to help people from her home nation. 

We want to help Ukrainians and Australians BEFORE we advertise in USA, China, Egypt, South America, Europe... etc. 

My incredible, proven tennis program is like nothing else in this world. I'm connected in 80 nations and I know how rare what I've built over the decades truly is! My programs stay FULL every semester. If I wanted I could have 100+ students, no problem! But, I don't want that. I prefer a small group that I can invest into and make a major positive impact!

Ok, mates... fill out the form below and let's talk!

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