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ICTA Travel Tour to US OPEN!

ICTA Travel Tours Staff

ICTA Travel Tour Staff

Scotty (front) is President and Founder of ICTA.  He directs all ICTA travel tours and mission trips. Scotty loves tennis, lasagna, and all things chocolate.  He is married to Melody!

Breck (left) works for US Government inspecting nuclear facilities.  Breck handles the travel tour business stuff.  Breck loves tennis, apple pie, and Tulane University.  He is married to Mary and has 2 kids and 3 grandkids!

Russty (rt) serves in a Christian church.  He is an ordained minister who plans our travel tour ministry events scheduling.  Russty loves tennis, destroying a rack of baby back ribs, and songwriting.  He is married to Jill and has 3 kids!

August 29-September 2, 2022 

New York, USA

Discover the perfect Faith & Tennis vacation 

In addition to fellowship and networking opportunities, our vacation packages include fantastic accommodations, optional air & transfers, special Christian events, exciting activities and caring service.

  • Four nights fantastic hotel accommodations.
  • 5 sessions of official US OPEN tickets
  • All taxes
  • Prayer breakfasts
  • Optional sightseeing
  • ICTA gift bag
  • Evening Bible studies
  • ICTA Christian Fellowship Conference
  • Full time professional tour staff
  • much more...

$1495 per person ICTA member*

$1895 per person non-member*

US Open Ball StadiumCome with ICTA members & guests to 2022 US OPEN!

With many years of leadership in developing world class, large-scale Christian outreaches to famous tennis events, ICTA's founder, Scott Paschal, has built a commitment to outstanding service and premium Faith & Tennis experiences.

We truly believe that making your tennis holiday and unforgettable experience is more than a job- it is a Christian ministry passion!

Check out online PDF of our tri-fold brochure

Call 386 338 5524 or email or fill out form below for more info. Availability limited! *Prices per person based on double occupancy. Prices subject to change. 

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Welcome New ICTA Members


  • Jason, Georgia, Teacher
  • Ajai, India, ATP Pro Player
  • Kyle J, Illinois, College Tennis
  • Aaron, Kentucky, ATP Chair Umpire
  • Gerard L, South Carolina, Preacher
  • Maris G, Latvia, Engineer
  • Toyloria H, Texas, Student
  • Steppie W, Alabama, Hotel Management
  • Cindy V, Philippines, Missionary
  • Sambo O, Kenya, Business
  • Jacob S, Zambia, Tennis Coach
  • James W, Texas, Retired Pro
  • Akheem A, Pakistan, Engineer
  • Kieth M, Ohio, Pastor
  • Maria B, Texas, Tennis Fan
  • Richard , Germany, ATP Pro Player
  • Phellem M, Tanzania, Marketing
  • Strelize B, California, Missionary
  • John F, Tennessee, Tennis Pro
  • Lawrence I, Nigeria, Administration
  • Ron, New York, NFL Receiver
  • Ron B, Ohio, GE Executive
  • Chrystal V, New Jersey, Attorney
  • Sharon P, India, Student
  • Dr. Kirk H, Indiana, Optometrist
  • Ron B, Ohio, Golf Course Owner
  • Iqbal H, Kuwait, Military
  • Todd E, China, Missionary
  • Ellen M, Alabama, Housewife
  • Johnson A, Nigeria, Tour Operator
  • Ron R, Ohio, School Administrator
  • Ailen B, Argentina, Student
  • Ruth S, St. Charles, Accountant
  • Jan K, Wisconsin, Retired Nurse
  • Dan H, Indiana, Pastor
  • Tayfun M, Turkey, Tennis Trainer
  • Gary H, West Virginia, Tennis Pro
  • Troy F, Tennessee, Mortgage VP
  • Shanardo S, Jamaica, College Tennis
  • Armando S, Philippines, Pastor
  • Toby K, Illinois, Principle
  • Tammy B, West Virginia, Physician
  • Rev. Dr. Steven W, Ohio, Pastor & Univ. Professor
  • Jeanne M,  Arizona, Tennis Pro
  • Thomas J, Ohio, Pastor
  • Dennis N, California, Printer
  • Felix G, Ohio, Pastor
  • Alex M, Texas, Teaching Pro
  • Shruti , India, ATP Pro Player
  • Jonathan W, Georgia, College Coach
  • James R, Ohio, Athletic Trainer
  • Dick L, Canada, Retired
  • Dr. Paul E, Ohio, Physician
  • Araotanlaye A, Nigeria, Comp Research
  • Stephen P, Kentucky, UPS Pilot
  • Chanel B, South Africa, Student
  • Ronald M, Ohio, Veterinarian
  • Dawne S, Ohio, Pastor
  • Ernestina C, Nigeria, Student
  • Thomas C, Pennsylvania, Student
  • Robyn U, Ohio, Accountant
  • Madison S, Kentucky, Tennis Pro
  • Vienna D, Singapore, Student
  • Bart M, Ohio, Youth Pastor
  • Maria S, Michigan, Finance
  • Mathew T, Michigan, Student
  • David C, Florida, College Tennis
  • George T, New York, Tennis Pro
  • Wesley D, Kentucky, Dentist
  • Regina M, Ohio, Psychologist
  • Lai A, Philippines, College Student
  • Jeff D, Virginia, Youth Pastor
  • Kevin C, Kentucky, College Coach
  • Adriene C, Oregon, Student
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